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Updated October 12, 2023

Java bootcamps generally take about 3-6 months to complete. JavaScript knowledge can arm you with in-demand coding skills and career growth. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Coding bootcamps teach skills that prove necessary for several leading technology careers. In some cases, aspiring coding professionals can bypass traditional degrees and instead complete a bootcamp to pursue entry-level positions.

A JavaScript bootcamp typically requires less time and investment than a degree. Graduates still qualify to enter web development, support specialist, and other technical roles with their new skills.

The tech industry offers plenty of opportunities to advance an entry-level position. CompTIA 2021 research found that 71% of tech companies plan on training current employees versus hiring new talent for open positions in 2022. Bootcamps can provide straightforward access to a rewarding career in tech.

Explore this ranking and guide as you begin searching for a JavaScript bootcamp to jumpstart your career.

What Is a JavaScript Bootcamp?

Multiple learning paths can lead students toward exciting tech careers. Compared to associate and bachelor's degree programs, JavaScript bootcamps offer an accelerated format, helping learners reach their goals more quickly.

JavaScript bootcamp curricula involve JavaScript-focused skills. In contrast, general coding bootcamps might teach a larger variety of concepts, like SQL and Amazon Web Services.

JavaScript bootcamps generally take about 3-6 months to complete. During the program, learners develop marketable skills such as HTML5 and Node.js. They also learn the basics of popular programming languages and technologies, including Java and Python.

Most JavaScript bootcamps offer career-building resources in addition to regular course content. Benefits such as career counseling, mentorships, and networking opportunities help students get closer to their ideal tech careers.

Students can typically choose among several program types, including fully online, in-person, and hybrid programs. Bootcamps usually have full-time and part-time options, too.

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Best Bootcamps for JavaScript

JavaScript knowledge can arm you with in-demand coding skills. The following list covers some of the most popular U.S. JavaScript bootcamps accepting students in 2022.

Note that these bootcamps are demanding and intensive, meant for those who want to start careers in tech. Some focus only on JavaScript, and others offer an array of programming topics with JavaScript included. The course of study may be full or part time, lasting between 10 weeks and a year.

Explore the JavaScript bootcamps, listed here alphabetically, to boost your tech skills.


App Academy

Established in 2012, App Academy is based in San Francisco. The school offers both online and in-person coding bootcamps, boasting 4,500 graduates so far.

Software Engineering Program

App Academy's software engineering program is taught on campus and online. The bootcamp is offered full time and part time. This immersive full-stack course teaches JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, SQL, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, and Redux. No prior coding experience is needed because the school offers prep work to get beginners ready.

All classes are held live and students are segmented into cohorts. Courses are taught by engineers, and former students act as teaching assistants.

Cost: $17,000 (16 weeks), $20,000 (24 weeks)

Format: Online/on campus; full time/part time

Length: 16 weeks full time, 24 weeks part time

CIRR Member: Yes

Other Courses Offered by App Academy

  • App Academy Open
  • Bootcamp Prep

App Academy's Job Placement Assistance

App Academy does not charge students until they are employed and earning $50,000 or more a year. The school offers career training and job-search assistance, partners with recruiters and tech companies to provide placement to graduates, and regularly organizes on-campus recruiting events.

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Founded in 2015, Codesmith is a Los Angeles-based full-stack training bootcamp. The program offers full-time and part-time tech courses. Codesmith has campuses in Los Angeles and New York and offers online courses.

Software Engineering Immersive

Codesmith's software engineering immersive bootcamp teaches computer science and full-stack JavaScript, fit for mid- and senior-level software engineering careers. The full-time or part-time course condenses the elements of a four-year computer science degree.

The curriculum includes front-end and back-end development, machine learning, data structures, system design, and modern web tech such as React and Node.js. Codesmith features live classes, merit-based admissions, and hiring support after graduation.

Cost: $19,950

Format: On campus/online; full time/part time

Length: 12 weeks full time, 38 weeks part time

CIRR Member: Yes

Other Courses Offered by Codesmith

  • CS Prep
  • JavaScript for Beginners

Codesmith's Job Placement Assistance

Codesmith claims that 91% of graduates find employment within a year of completing the bootcamp. The school also offers location-based hiring support for online students.

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Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo was formed in 2012 and teaches some of the most in-demand development languages. The school is based in San Francisco but has campuses in 10 cities and also offers online classes.

Software Development Bootcamp Online Full-Time

This 14-week bootcamp covers three full-stack languages, including JavaScript and front-end and back-end technologies. The full-time program was originally offered on campus but is now fully virtual, featuring live classes, hands-on training, and peer collaboration.

Coding Dojo welcomes students from all backgrounds. There is no technical assessment during the admissions process. However, students may enroll in the free programming basics bootcamp before the start of the course.

Cost: $16,495

Format: Online, full time

Length: 14 weeks

CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Coding Dojo

  • Software Development Online Part-Time Flex
  • Software Development Online Part-Time Accelerated
  • UI/UX Design Online Part-Time

Coding Dojo's Job Placement Assistance

Since 2012, Coding Dojo has placed over 8,000 graduates at leading tech companies. The bootcamp has an 89.1% placement rate within six months of graduation. Students also have lifetime access to career services and job search support.


Flatiron School

Flatiron School was founded with the intent of promoting a better life through tech education. The school has online classes and campuses in eight cities.

Software Engineering Bootcamp

Flatiron's software engineering bootcamp comes in both live and self-paced formats, available either onsite or online. The curriculum includes fundamentals of programming, JavaScript, ReactJS, Ruby Rails, SQL, and large-scale group projects.

The school offers a vast employer network, career coaching, and industry experts as teachers and mentors. The application process includes two interviews, one non-technical and the other technical. Selected candidates then need to complete a 40-hour preparatory course prior to the start of the program.

Cost: $16,900

Format: Online/on campus

Length: 15 weeks full time, 40 weeks part time

CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Coding Dojo

  • Data Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Product Design

Flatiron School Job Placement Assistance

Every Flatiron graduate gets to work with a career coach for up to 180 days after completing the bootcamp. In 2020, the school had an 86% job placement rate with an average starting salary of $72,000.

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Fullstack Academy

Established in 2013, Fullstack Academy is based in New York and Chicago, offering coding, cybersecurity, and data analytics bootcamps.

Software Engineering Immersive

This full-time program serves intermediate coders and programmers, covering JavaScript and computer science topics. All classes take place on campus in Chicago and New York. Flexible programs are also offered for college students and working professionals. This bootcamp comes in an accelerated format for students on summer break.

The application process includes a coding assessment, a video interview, and prep work for selected candidates. The full-time immersive bootcamp offers start dates in April and June.

Cost: $18,910

Format: On campus, full time

Length: 17 weeks

CIRR Member: Yes

Other Courses Offered by Fullstack Academy

  • Cybersecurity Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Women and Coding

Fullstack Academy's Job Placement Assistance

According to the 2019 outcome report, Fullstack Academy graduates have gone on to work for leading companies such as Google, Spotify, and American Express. Their median starting salary is $85,200.

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General Assembly

General Assembly was founded in 2011 in New York City. It now has over 30 campuses across the globe. It offers on-campus classes and flexible online options. The program boasts 12,000 hires to date.

Software Engineering Immersive

This expert-led, full-time course features an industry-validated curriculum, hands-on training, a global professional network, and real-world projects to give students a head start in software engineering. The program is also available in remote and part-time formats.

Instructors provide personalized feedback and help students polish their technical skills for the job market. Students also get the opportunity to participate in panel discussions, tours, and guest lectures that connect them to engineers and hiring managers.

Cost: $15,950

Format: On campus/online, full time

Length: 12 weeks

CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by General Assembly

  • Data Analytics Course
  • Data Science Course
  • Python Programming Course
  • Visual Design Course

General Assembly's Job Placement Assistance

General Assembly's career services help students land a job within six months of graduation. This was true for 74.4% of graduates of 2020, during the peak of the pandemic. General Assembly's hiring partners include Google, Twitter, and Capgemini.

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Hack Reactor

Based in San Francisco, Hack Reactor has campuses in five cities and offers three fully remote, flexible coding programs. Since its inception in 2012, the school has graduated over 8,000 students.

Software Engineering Coding Bootcamp

Hack Reactor's software engineering bootcamp covers React, ES6, full stack, JavaScript, and computer science fundamentals to get students started on their tech careers. All programs are taught live online, involve group projects and professional networking, and are validated by industry experts and employers.

Applicants can take the self-guided or live online JavaScript prep programs to prepare for the technical admissions assessment. Before the bootcamp starts, students are advised to complete the Precourse curriculum.

Cost: $17,980

Format: Online

Length: 12 weeks

CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Hack Reactor

  • 19-Week Software Engineering with JavaScript and Python
  • 36-Week Software Engineering Immersive Part-Time

Hack Reactor's Job Placement Assistance

Hack Reactor offers a dedicated career services program. Based on the 2020 outcomes report, Hack Reactor had a 75.4% graduation rate, and 75% of the graduates landed their first job within the first 180 days. The report also stated that graduates earned a median compensation of $80,000.

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NuCamp offers affordable coding bootcamps, teaching in-demand tech skills for careers in coding and web development. Classes are available live and self-paced.

Full Stack Web and Mobile Development Bootcamp

This intermediate coding bootcamp teaches building a responsive web with Bootstrap, hones React and JavaScript skills, and covers back-end and mobile development. Students build 16 projects throughout the program, get guidance from a mentor while learning independently, and can access career services following completion of the course.

Prerequisites include working knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The school offers a four-week course to help prepare beginners. NuCamp has a 68% graduation rate.

Cost: $2,240

Format: Online, part time

Length: 22 weeks

CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by NuCamp

  • Backend, SQL, and DevOps with Python
  • Front-End Web and Mobile Development
  • Web Development Fundamentals

NuCamp's Job Placement Assistance

Upon graduation, NuCamp students get access to one-on-one career coaching and the school's nationwide job board. According to the latest 2022 outcome report, 79% of NuCamp graduates get either a full-time coding job or a side project within nine months of graduation.

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Springboard's bootcamps are self-paced and online. The school was founded in 2013 and offers tech and digital marketing courses.

Software Engineering Bootcamp

Springboard's software engineering bootcamp teaches aspiring coders the nitty-gritty of front- and back-end web development, databases, data structures, and algorithms. Students can complete the program in nine months by investing 20-25 hours each week.

Despite being self-paced, the course includes one-on-one mentor guidance, capstone projects, and career coaching to get students ready for the market. Students attend regular meetings with their mentors to discuss exercises, projects, and career-related queries.

Cost: $16,500

Format: Online, self-paced

Length: 9 months (estimated)

CIRR Member: No

Other Courses Offered by Springboard

  • Data Engineering Bootcamp
  • Data Science Bootcamp
  • UI/UX Design Bootcamp

Springboard's Job Placement Assistance

Springboard guarantees a job to every graduate, or they get a full refund. Based on Springboard's 2021 outcome report, 93.2% of graduates got a job offer within 12 months of graduation, with an average starting salary of $73,522.

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  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • On campus/online
  • Full time/part time
  • $14,900
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  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • On campus/online
  • Full time/part time
  • $3,250
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Burlington Code Academy

  • JavaScript After Hours
  • Online
  • Part time
  • $4,000
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Claim Academy

  • Full-Stack Java
  • Online/on campus
  • Part time/full time
  • $15,498
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Code Platoon

  • Full-Stack Software Engineer
  • Remote/in person
  • Full time
  • $16,500
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Coder Foundry

  • Coder Foundry Virtual
  • Online
  • Full time
  • $14,900
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Coding Temple

  • Software Engineering
  • Online
  • Full time
  • $14,495
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  • Enterprise Software Engineer Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Full time
  • $14,500
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  • Web Development
  • Online
  • Full time
  • $9,900
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  • Web Development
  • Online/in person
  • Full-time/part time
  • $8,800
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  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Full time/part time
  • $9,950
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Eleven Fifty Academy

  • Software Development Immersion Course
  • On campus/online
  • Full time/part time
  • $13,500
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  • C# and React
  • On campus/online
  • Full time
  • $6,900
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Grand Circus

  • Full-Stack JavaScript Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Full time
  • $11,750
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Hackbright Academy

  • Software Engineering Program
  • Online/in person
  • Full time/part time
  • $12,900
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  • Web Development Bootcamp
  • Online/in person
  • Full time/part time
  • $13,000
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Prime Digital Academy

  • Full-Stack Engineering
  • On campus/online
  • Full time/part time
  • $17,000
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  • Break Into Tech Program + Job Guarantee: Front End Developer Track
  • Online
  • Part time
  • $2,499
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Tech Academy

  • C# and .NET Bootcamp
  • Online/on campus
  • Full time
  • $9,800
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Tech Elevator

  • Java Coding Bootcamp
  • Online/on campus
  • Full time
  • $15,950
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  • Software Engineering Bootcamp
  • Online
  • Full time/part time
  • $16,000
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  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Online
  • Full time/flex
  • $6,100
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  • Full-Stack JavaScript Developer
  • Online
  • Part-time
  • $1,596
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Skills Learned in Java Bootcamps

The best JavaScript bootcamps develop a well-rounded portfolio of coding skills and abilities. Though these bootcamps primarily focus on JavaScript and relevant skills, they also teach web development, CSS, and how to use popular industry tools.

As a result, bootcamp graduates should feel prepared for an entry-level tech career. Common skills covered in JavaScript bootcamps include:

  • Full-Stack Web Development: JavaScript is necessary for learning full-stack web development as both a front-end and back-end language. Learners use HTML and CSS to build websites and applications and work with databases that store and retrieve application data.
  • Responsive Web Design: With internet users accessing websites from multiple devices, it is more important than ever to create responsive websites. Bootcamp students learn to code websites that fit various screen sizes and applications to improve the overall user experience.
  • Web Application Security: JavaScript creates web applications, but coding issues can leave applications vulnerable to security threats. Bootcamps teach students to write secure code, scan for threats, and avoid potential data leaks in their web apps.
  • Application Testing: Using tools like MochaJS or Karma, bootcamp learners discover how to test their codes on various devices and web browsers. These tests explore potential security vulnerabilities and errors. Students then find and implement effective solutions. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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What is the Cost of a Java Bootcamp?

Prospective students should consider their investment in a JavaScript bootcamp. Data from a 2019 RTI Press report shows that the median bootcamp cost is $7,500 for part-time programs and $13,500 for full-time programs. Although part-time programs are generally more affordable, their curricula may not be as comprehensive as full-time curricula.

Many coding bootcamps include books and materials with tuition. However, students may need to use their own computer or laptop, especially if they attend online. Some programs also require a deposit or first installment payment with registration.

The best JavaScript bootcamps offer several payment options in addition to paying upfront. Income-share agreements allow students to pay back their tuition in installments based on their salary after graduating. Learners can also use a loan, pay in monthly installments, or use their employer's tuition reimbursement plan.

Some bootcamps may even require no money upfront. Others provide job guarantees, allowing a full or partial refund if the student cannot find a relevant job within a period after graduating.

What Jobs Can I Get After a Java Script Bootcamp?

Enter the tech industry with a rewarding computer science career after completing a JavaScript bootcamp. These bootcamps can lead to in-demand jobs with positive outlooks and attractive salaries, like software developer and web designer.

Learn more about the various available computer science careers for JavaScript coding bootcamp graduates.

Web Developer

Web developers create, implement, and test front-end and back-end coding to create functional websites. A JavaScript-focused bootcamp gives learners the necessary tools to develop these full-stack programming skills. Some web developers help multiple clients through their own businesses. Others work with large organizations to create and maintain their websites and applications.

Median Annual Salary: $77,200
Job Outlook (2020-30): +13%

Web Designer

While web developers improve website functionality, web designers focus on site usability and design. Many web designers use both design and development skills in their jobs. Web designers might pursue a bachelor's degree to advance as project managers.

Median Annual Salary: $77,200
Job Outlook (2020-30): +13%

Software Developer

JavaScript coding bootcamps teach students to code apps and software in addition to websites. Learners who prefer programming software might pursue software development careers. Software developers fulfill users' needs by coding software that solves a problem. Then then test, improve, and implement the software.

Median Annual Salary: $110,140
Job Outlook (2020-30): +22%

Computer Programmer

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that computer programming careers could decline due to global outsourcing. However, many organizations rely on these professionals to create and test reliable code that computers use to run necessary programs and applications. Computer programmers also upgrade intricate computer systems to prevent operational and security issues.

Median Annual Salary: $93,000
Job Outlook (2020-30): -10%

Database Administrator

Database administrators typically work to organize and maintain organizations' computer databases. These professionals build databases, back up and restore data, and test existing or new databases. Administrators may work closely with information security professionals to enhance database security.

Median Annual Salary: $98,860
Job Outlook (2020-30): +8%

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Other Computer Science Education Options

A JavaScript bootcamp is just one route toward a tech career. These bootcamps start learners in the industry as quickly as possible.

Pursuing additional education in the programs listed below can create more diverse job opportunities. While bootcamps are best for entry-level professionals, a bachelor's degree could lead to an intermediate position.

Associate Degree in Computer Science

Learners who want a more comprehensive computer science education might choose an associate degree over a bootcamp. Typically lasting two years, these programs dive into general computer science concepts to create solid foundational knowledge.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

A bachelor's degree usually takes four years to complete. Students can specialize in various computer science concentrations, including network architecture and data science. This degree opens doors to numerous industry careers, such as computer programmer and database administrator.

Explore Other Coding Bootcamps

Depending on future goals, a different kind of coding bootcamp might be more suitable. For instance, web development bootcamps teach several coding languages for websites, and full-stack bootcamps explore various frameworks and development stacks.


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Web Development Bootcamps

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Full-Stack Bootcamps

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Common Questions About JavaScript

What is JavaScript used for?

JavaScript is a scripting language that creates interactive web content. Programmers use JavaScript to animate images, develop mobile applications, and create advertisement pop-ups. A framework known as Node.js allows developers to use JavaScript for back-end applications.

What is the difference between Java and JavaScript?

While Java is a programming language, JavaScript is a scripting language. Programmers can use Java to write universal code on various platforms that run Java Virtual Machine. In contrast, web browsers usually translate JavaScript to display interactive elements.

How can I learn JavaScript?

If you plan to use JavaScript professionally, it is best to explore it through a degree program or JavaScript coding bootcamp. Bootcamps offer short, immersive programs and relatively affordable tuition for learners eager to get started in the tech industry.

Is JavaScript easy to learn?

JavaScript is usually one of the first and simplest programming languages future developers learn. Still, learning it can prove challenging for someone without programming experience. Bootcamps provide hands-on training to enhance understanding.

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